Security is of paramount importance to us, and we show it in the following ways:

  • 1. Devotion To A Secure Application Environment.

    Our production system is securely hosted and professionally managed, with 24-7 physical security and surveillance with biometric identification and authentication for access. These data centers have been audited and certified SAS 70 Compliant. Our cloud hosting architecture allows our systems the flexibility of rapid elasticity, which is the ability for computing resources to be adjusted on the fly and on demand to suit demand. Redundancy at the server layer also guarantees 99.9% uptime of PrimePayroll.

  • 2. Data Privacy And Protection.

    We utilize industry standard security such as GlobalSign SSL for 128-bit encryption of your information, same as used by many top organizations and financial institutions. We also have firewall protected servers and authentication required before login at all layers. Also kindly read our Privacy Statement for more details on our privacy practices.

  • 3. Automated Backups, Without You Lifting A Finger.

    We take care of automatic and periodic onsite and offsite backup of data, as well as the management and rotating of backup copies. This saves you the time and effort required to do so and focus on your core activities. And in the unlikely scenario that something unexpected happens to your system you still have access to all of your data from any other internet enabled computer or mobile device – as long as you have the right access details of course.

  • 4. Your Setup. Your Rules. Full Control.

    All your users log in securely to PrimePayroll using their unique passwords, which no one can see – not even us. Within PrimePayroll there are also various roles and permissions you can assign to members of your team to determine what they have access to see, and what they can do. Furthermore, you can always download your data at any time and in various formats to local storage when you desire.

  • 5. Enforced Accountability.

    PrimePayroll has system wide Audit Trail features, which cannot be turned off by a user. This audit trail logs every interaction with the system from login, to data updates / edits / creation and up until the final logout. Therefore if at anytime you want to check up who did what in your organization, you can always refer to the Audit Trail.

    *Service availability may be subject to occasional scheduled systems maintenance at off-peak periods.