Frequently Asked Questions


See frequently asked questions about PrimePayroll and get quick answers.

  • General Questions

    • Are there any geographic restrictions on PrimePayroll?

      No. PrimePayroll can be used anywhere.

    • What tax laws can be used on PrimePayroll?

      PrimePayroll is set up to accommodate several tax settings. All you need do is set the tax as an emolument or a deduction upon set up! (for Non-Nigerian organizations).

    • What Payroll Tasks Can Be Done With PrimePayroll?

      PrimePayroll offers you the convenience of carrying out payroll functions with ease, efficiency and accuracy.

      • Balancing and reconciling payroll data.
      • Automatic deduction and depositing of taxes.
      • Track and take care of wage deductions.
      • Generate and issue pay slips to employees.
      • Maintain compliance with tax laws.
      • Easily enroll new hires and edit existing employee records.
  • Product Usage

    • How do I Sign Up?

      You simply click on the sign up button and follow the on screen setup wizard to set up your organization.

    • Must I Sign Up to a long term contract?

      No, you are not obligated to long term contracts. Our default billing cycle is monthly. However once you have tested PrimePayroll and become an active user, you are welcome to switch to a quarterly, bi-annual or annual cycle subscription.

    • What equipment do I need to use PrimePayroll?

      There are zero upfront hardware or software requirements. All you need is an internet enabled mobile device or computer and a web browser.

    • Can I download my data

      Yes, your data is yours and available via your login to be downloaded through various reports already made available. You can export these into a variety of formats such as CSV, Excel and PDF.

    • How does PrimePayroll handle bonuses, salary reductions, etc?

      Its very easy, just set all salary deductions and pay increase as additions and deductions and change is effected during employee payment.

    • Can I run payroll from a mobile phone Or tablet?

      Yes, you can process payroll from any web-enabled device, like smartphones and tablets.

    • Do I need to download an app to run payroll?

      No, you don't need to download anything to use PrimePayroll. You can access payroll online at any time from any web-enabled device. This includes computers, tablets and smartphones. Easily run payroll while you're on holiday!

  • Pricing

    • What features do I get to use on my chosen plan?

      Users are entitled to ALL features upon subscription, regardless of the billing plan selected!

    • Can I upgrade or downgrade my current plan during or before the expiration of my current cycle?

      Users can upgrade their billing plan before the cycle of the plan expires. Also, you don't get to pay the full amount for the new plan as the remaining time left from the former plan to be upgraded is considered while charging for the new plan! Users can also downgrade their plan during an active cycle. Billing for the new subscription plan begins as soon as payment is made. If the new bill is less than the remainder of the client's current bill, the difference will be placed in the client's wallet and can be used in subsequent subscriptions.

    • What are the available payment options?

      You can pay using your Nigerian Mastercard / VISA / Verve debit cards. The system will recognize the payment immediately and credit your account. Alternatively you can make payment to any of our bank accounts indicated on the payment page and send details of transfer as specified on the page. Our support engineers will confirm and credit your account.

    • Is there a discount for choosing a longer subscription plan?

      Yes. As a reward for longer subscriptions, we offer a 5% discount for bi-annual subscriptions and 10% discount for annual subscription.

  • Support & Security

    • How secure is my data on PrimePayroll?

      The system is highly secure, utilizing industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption of your information, same as used by many top banks and organizations. We also have firewall protected servers and authentication required before login at all layers. Our production system is securely hosted and professionally managed in certified SAS 70 Compliant data centers. Automated backups of all data are carried out periodically both onsite and off-site, as well as enforced accountability and audit-trailing features, which ensures every single interaction with the system is logged.

    • How Is The Customer Service And The Response Speed?

      Our solution ensures that setting up payroll has never been easier. With our easy, self-guided setup process, you'll be running payroll in no time. In addition our support engineers are always available online and via phone to ensure that you always have a smooth process, and help whenever you need it. Our customer service is available to speak with you Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm (GMT +1). If you ever need to reach our support team, call us on +234 (01) 290 2840 or email

  • Partners

    • How can I become a reseller or an affiliate for the product?

      We are pleased to work with value added resellers and affiliates around the country that help promote PrimePayroll's usage widely. We also offer our resellers and affiliates numerous benefits. Click here to read and download our Reseller and Referral Program Form.

    • As a payroll consultant, what do I benefit from using PrimePayroll?

      PrimePayroll makes it easy for you to administer the payroll of all your client organizations from one account. You can run their payroll, view reports and tasks and carry out administrative activities from your phone or computer in the office or on the go. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to deliver timely value to your clients and grow your business. Also, With automated payroll processing, tax computations and detailed reporting, PrimePayroll saves you significant time that would have been spent calculating payroll and trying not to make mistakes. Now you can channel the timesavings to getting and servicing more clients.