PrimePayrollâ„¢ has a host of features that make it your HR and payroll solution of choice in today's enterprise where compliance, convenience and safety are of paramount importance.

Employee Features

Leave Management

With PrimePayroll, Employees can apply for leave with ease via self-service. The notification of concerned persons (HR, team members, line managers etc) and approvals of leave applications is also a smooth process. This ensures the company can properly set up and communicate leave policies as well as have an overview of every employee's status for better resource management.

Loan Manangement

With PrimePayroll, Employees can apply for loan with ease via self-service in line with the company's loan policies. This ensures the company can properly set up, communicate and enforce loan policies, approve or disapprove loans, keep adequate records of employee's loan status as well as properly deduct payment based on pay-back plan.

Employee Self Service Accounts

Any valid employee with PrimePayroll access has the ability to log in and carry out certain activities, such as:

  • Bio-data/Personal Information update
  • Pay slip generation and viewing
  • Application for leave
  • Application for loan
  • Approve leave for team members where needed.

These features enable employees manage their affairs, have ubiquitous access to information as well as participate in the HR management process.

Email Payslips For Employees

PrimePayroll automatically sends payslips to employees via email once payroll is generated. They no longer need to ask or follow up with HR for status of their salaries.

Employee Information Management

This enables administrators and managers to access employee records, create new employees and/or manage existing records as required.

Employee Self Onboarding

With this feature, new employees can be given login details, with access to enter their personal details, upload passport photos, etc. This saves the HR & Payroll manager the time required to do this for each and every employee.

Automated Features

Contributory Pensions

PFA's and HMO's can be configured such that employee records are related to these records. PrimePayroll then automatically computes monthly emoluments based on percentage contributions by both the employer and employee. Health plans and capitations are setup and thus constitute deductions made on a monthly basis for all employees depending on your choice or configuration. This saves precious monthly computation time.

Deductions & Bonuses

These can be added to particular pay periods for some set of employees. These could include daily pay deductions for no-show or late coming, performance bonuses, etc. These variations are auto injected into the pay breakdown of the specific employees and can be defined to last a period (i.e. a quarter) or for just that particular month.

Payroll on Autopilot

If you spend days or weeks computing payroll you will find this feature both exciting and time saving. At employee setup, there is an automatic linkage to a predefined system pay structure. This enables automatically generated payroll monthly with all necessary calculations accurately computed.

Supports Multiple Tax laws (PIT/PAYE)

With PrimePayrollâ„¢, you can configure with a high degree of flexibility tax formula's and relief that prevail in your country of residence. It comes out of the box pre-configured with the Nigerian PIT/PAYE laws.

Automated Pay Calculations

Primepayroll lets you configure your salary, pre-define pay item type percentages, automatically breaks down your gross and lets you do gross to net calculations taking into account all statutory deductions that are required. This takes away the manual calculations that you need to do every time a new employee is hired.

General Features

Electronic Payments Ready

PrimePayroll can generate payment advice/schedule for certified electronic payment systems in the country. This eliminates the need to send payment advices to your bank and following up for payment, as everything is within your control in line with CBN's electronic payment mandate.

Dashboards & Charts

Upon login, administrators and managers are welcomed with dashboards that show the status of the company, with important metrics highlighted such as: employee count & distribution last generated payroll amounts etc. Robust Anaytics is also provided to show all overall payment history This gives managers a snapshot of the state of things at any given time and this can be further drilled down to obtain even more information.

Detailed Reports at Your Fingertips

PrimePayroll comes with a very robust reporting framework that enables you run several detailed payroll reports and with numerous filters to streamline the result set as required for decision making.


Support & Security

Highly Secure System

The system is highly secure, utilizing industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption of your information, same as used by many top banks and organizations. We also have firewall protected servers and authentication required before login at all layers. Our production system is securely hosted and professionally managed in certified SAS 70 Compliant data centers. Automated backups of all data are carried out periodically both onsite and off-site, as well as enforced accountability and audit-trailing features, which ensures every single interaction with the system is logged.

24/7 Mobile & Web Access

PrimePayroll is accessible at all times from any internet enabled computer, mobile phone or tablet, as long as one has valid authentication details.

Efficient Customer Support

Our solution ensures that setting up payroll has never been easier. With our easy, self-guided setup process, you'll be running payroll in no time. In addition our support engineers are always available online and via phone to ensure that you always have a smooth process, and help whenever you need it.